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Why It's a different World for Group Healthcare

Economic dislocation has historically driven healthcare transformation.

In the 1990s there were 23 national health insurance carriers. Today there are four ...and really only two in North Florida.

We think the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic will bring change to healthcare delivery.

Specifically, we expect there will be a return to regional programs for small to midsized businesses. These regional plans will leverage local hospital groups to bypass the big carrier model. Pricing will be based on Medicare rates plus a fair profit margin - not carrier loss recovery formulas.

Why It's a different WorlD

for North florida businesses

The City employs 9,000 and its small vendors employ 9,000.

...Guess which 9,000 pay more for health insurance?

Businesses 10-100 employees have been conditioned to either accept annual rate increases or let the other carrier "buy the business" and see the process start over in a few years. We want to show area business owners a third option.


Pool their buying power to drive better care at an affordable cost.


North Florida's Baptist and UF Health hospitals, specialists, urgent care, and primary care can now be access directly. It's a new world and we are excited to share how it can work for your business.

Green represents family monthly premium; red are annual deductibles.

Source: coj.net and floridablue.com

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The Benefits Department is a pension and health benefits agency for small businesses and the families that serve them.

                                 The Benefits Department is led by                                     Michael Case Smith. Mike began his                                   career in the London and Los                                               Angeles offices of a global pension                                     benefits advisor. Before relocating                                     his growing family to Florida, he was                                   part of a group that launched a financial firm with 1992 Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz, patented financial technologies, then bought, grew, and sold a New York investment management firm. He is a vocal opponent of conflicts of interest on Wall Street, having testified before the Department of Labor, SEC, and the United States Senate. Mike holds degrees from UCLA, Notre Dame, and attended the London School of Economics. 

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