Direct Care Health Insurance

The solution your broker doesn’t know about ...or won’t tell you about until you say you’re moving to the Benefits Department! 

We believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate adoption of existing direct options from established hospitals and doctor groups.


The key is pooling together to bypass the big carriers.


Small companies can now join one of the First Coast’s most respected business associations to access UF Health DirectCare. This is the same plan offered to 9,000 City of Jacksonville employees. While the rates are not quit as low as the City’s or Amazon’s, we typically see a 20% difference between the savings and the big carrier’s rate increase. Don't see your doctor? Not close to a UFHealth facility? No problem. We'll add a CIGNA network. 

Another local direct care option accesses Baptist Health Systems. Rates are targeted to be 15% lower than when Baptist is accessed through the traditional carrier network model. 

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