different advice for private pensions


  • Business owners

  • Law/medical partners

  • W2 employees with a side business

  • Self-employed

  • 1099 contractors


The Pension Protection Act is unquestionably the best piece of retirement planning legislation for business owners in decades from a contributory, regulatory and fiduciary perspective. Our actuarial partners have created a unique pre-tax savings program based on the new rules.

Not your father’s pension anymore...

  • Owners/key staff can defer 4-20 times more to qualified plan than 401(k) only

  • Cost of testing group (select non-highly comp’ed) greatly reduced by new pension law

  • A triple tax free retiree medical plan further increases deferrals

  • Key man and buy/sell can be made inside qualified plan

All defined pension plans must balance benefits among employees in a non-discriminatory manner. They are complex and not suited for every business. For those it does suit, certified contributions are determined by an enrolled actuary, as licensed by a Joint Board of the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Labor.